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Helping you to secure your business premises and staff with 24/7 expert support for full peace of mind.

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Helping you to secure your business premises and staff with 24/7 expert support for full peace of mind.



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Most shops and supermarkets now have CCTV cameras, whether it's a small local store or one of the major superstore chains. The location of the shop can be remote or in a major city or business park.

Preventing Theft ★

CCTV cameras are excellent at deterring would-be shoplifters, who are often put off by their presence, knowing that they are being recorded. Security staff and shop owners can watch members of the public who may be acting suspiciously and for those who attempt any kind of theft, clear recorded footage can be used by the police for identification, arrest and prosecution purposes

Protection, Monitoring & Training for Staff ★

CCTV also offers protection for staff and can help shop owners to monitor any irregularities involving the work force or general public. If staff know they are being watched there is less chance of them doing anything underhand or failing to follow procedures. CCTV is also useful for identifying under performing staff, as well as pin-pointing areas for more training or support.

Our CCTV systems would also allow you to integrate till overlays onto the camera images, which would allow you to monitor what members of staff are entering into the tills, as well as goods that have been purchased, and the change that has been given
Shoplifters, vandals and actions by employees and the general public are all under constant surveillance of the camera. Whether for a Small Local Store or Large Retailer call us today get advice on a system that will best suit your requirements.

24hr Maintenance, Training and Support is also available.

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  • Overt & Covert Cameras

  • Internal & External Camera Systems

  • Visibility Monitors - With/Without Audio

  • Infra-red Cameras for Night-time Visibility

  • State of the Art Advanced Analytics

  • IPTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

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HD: Clear, Wide Angle & Recorded Footage

Live Viewing Feed: Access Anywhere, Anytime

Flexible Systems: Expand to Cover New Areas

Advanced Intelligent Functions: Facial detection, ANPR & SMART intrusion detection

Security Alerts: Instant Mobile Phone Notifications

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Commercial Director | Miroma Leisure

"We have a number of shops in London, I would recommend Visual Security Limited to anyone who is thinking of having a CCTV system or Alarm System installed. The service I received was very quick, efficient, and informative."

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