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Helping you to safeguard students and staff with 24/7 expert support for complete peace of mind.

School's out



Helping you to safeguard students and staff with 24/7 expert support for complete peace of mind.

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In today's world CCTV cameras are essential in nurseries and schools and can be beneficial for pupils, parents and teachers. In the playground CCTV can help teachers to monitor behaviour as well as keeping an eye out for bullying, unusual behaviour or unsafe activities. It can also help teachers to quickly sort out any issues, problems or incidents that arise between children or staff members.

External Monitoring ★

On entrances and exits a good CCTV system can help to monitor and control incidents of truancy, lack of punctuality and unauthorised behaviour such as smoking. It can also aid teachers (in particular at nursery's and primary schools) in making sure that no unauthorised visitors enter the premises or loiter outside.

It goes without saying that these same CCTV cameras will also record any un-authorised activities or intruders during out of school hours, protecting the school from both burglars and vandalism, as well as remote areas and school car parks.

Internal Monitoring ★

Busy corridors and places where there are likely to be queues or large crowds can also be monitored, as well as toilet entrances where vandalism is often known to takes place. CCTV cameras in these areas will help to deter this kind of behaviour, as well as helping to identify those present.

Footage can be monitored to help identify areas where additional training might be required, or hard to handle confrontations that might arise with staff, students or parents.

Used correctly CCTV can help to create a safe, sound and caring environment allowing teachers to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, as well as giving all parties complete peace of mind. You must remember to keep cameras out of areas where it could be argued that invasion of personal privacy has occurred.

Whether for a Nursery, Primary or Secondary School call us today get advice on a system that will best suit your requirements.

24hr Maintenance, Training and Support is also available.



  • Overt & Covert Cameras

  • Internal & External Camera Systems

  • Visibility Monitors - With/Without Audio

  • Infra-red Cameras for Night-time Visibility

  • State of the Art Advanced Analytics

  • IPTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

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HD: Clear, Wide Angle & Recorded Footage

Live Viewing Feed: Access Anywhere, Anytime

Flexible Systems: Expand to Cover New Areas

Advanced Intelligent Functions: Facial detection, ANPR & SMART intrusion detection

Security Alerts: Instant Mobile Phone Notifications

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Operations Director  |  The Piano Works Group

"Visual Security Global (VSG) came highly recommended 20 years ago and I’ve relied on their services for all of my CCTV and audio visual installation requirements ever since. The quality of their work is unrivalled and they have supported my business in a variety of establishments including live music venues, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and pubs. As a security and AV systems provider their installation, system and service quality and speed and flexibility have always been second to none and I can’t recommend them highly enough."

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