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Whatever your CCTV requirements, we offer a complete service with 24/7 expert support for peace of mind



Whatever your CCTV requirements, we offer a complete service with 24/7 expert support for peace of mind

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There are number of benefits to be had from the installation of CCTV systems in restaurants. The most obvious one being people who might attempt to sneak out, without paying their bill. If cameras are installed in the dining area and a monitor is being watched by staff, then this can help to discourage the idea of leaving without paying the bill, as well as helping to pick up on any unusual behaviour before the opportunity to arises.

There are often a number of actions that signal a customer is preparing to leave such as collecting their belongings from the table, or putting on their coat. The CCTV monitor will allow you to pick up on this so that you, or an employee, can step in and politely remind them that they have not yet paid the bill.


In contrast, some customers will also leave cash together with their receipt on the table. CCTV monitors will allow you to notice this in a more timely manor, so that you can then make sure this money is collected before the next customer sits at the table, or before it is picked up by somebody else.

A good CCTV system can also help to highlight areas where you may be losing money for reasons such as employee errors, or deliberate theft. It can also help you to keep an eye on your employees productivity as well as making sure that they are adhering to general working policies and procedures.

 Key Areas for CCTV Coverage 

- Restaurant Foyer

- Dining Room

- Bar Areas

- Stockrooms

- Kitchens

- Hallways & Corridors

- Car Parks

Visual Security Global's CCTV systems can be tailor made to suit your restaurant or eatery's specific requirements. We can design and install a system to suit your licensing requirements, using the very latest digital technology with remote access and live feed viewing as standard.

Whether for a Restaurant, Eatery or Cafe call us today get advice on a system that will best suit your requirements.

24hr Maintenance, Training and Support is also available.

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  • Overt & Covert Cameras

  • Internal & External Camera Systems

  • Visibility Monitors - With/Without Audio

  • Infra-red Cameras for Night-time Visibility

  • State of the Art Advanced Analytics

  • IPTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

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HD: Clear, Wide Angle & Recorded Footage

Live Viewing Feed: Access Anywhere, Anytime

Flexible Systems: Expand to Cover New Areas

Advanced Intelligent Functions: Facial detection, ANPR & SMART intrusion detection

Security Alerts: Instant Mobile Phone Notifications

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Director of Operations - D&D  |  100 Wardour Street

"Visual Security Global have been looking after our CCTV for over 10 years at 100 Wardour street.
They are very efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable in the Security field. From the initial installation to
after-care their service has always been fantastic."

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